• Brendan Brooks - Directing Drone Pilot on Petite Chardonnay

    Directing Drone Pilot

    Petite Chardonnay film 2011 · Aria Pictures
  • Del Oro Theatre · Grass Valley California

    Grass Valley from the Air

    Del Oro Theatre · Grass Valley California

Aerial Photography

We offer Licensed Drone (Small Unmanned Aircraft) services for Aerial Video and Photography for your needs.

The FAA requires anyone that wants to fly commercially to take a test (Part 107) to make sure they are proficient in the laws that govern flying unmanned aircraft.

My main concern is when I put my craft up on the air is SAFETY, not only for people on the ground but for any manned Aircraft as well.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Marketing

The Lone Drone-man specializes in the production of bespoke, visually-elegant, high-definition aerial cinematography. Showcasing luxury properties in a captivating mash-up of detailed, interior and exterior cinematic video of the property.

Land Surveying · Inspection · Industrial UAV

Whether you need construction progress photography, stockpile volumes, or a topographic survey The Lone Droneman can provide a cost-effective solution. For major construction projects, infrastructure projects, quarries, mines, and landfill sites.

Film Production · Aerial Video/Photography

The Lone Drone-man knows what is takes to work in a commercial broadcast or film-production environment having been a part of several TV, film ,and independent projects over the years. The Lone Drone-man will communicate with your DP to ensure everything is captured that is needed.

Aerial Adventures

See the world from a different angle.

ABOUT The Lone Drone-Man

Info About Brendan

My first flight lasted 7 seconds, I crashed and my drone was obliterated on contact…and I was hooked. My second flight lasted 30 seconds and I continued to get better with each flight.

I have been flying Quadcopters for about 4 years. In april of 2017 I earned my sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system) to be able to fly commercially.

With The Lone Droneman services you get someone who listens and understands what the client needs and to be able to perform those services in a safe and professional manner. Whether you need photography from 400 feet in the air or video of a construction site, The Lone Droneman can get it done.

Info About Drone

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